Mar 1 2012

Cornish Cotton Smocks

If you are holidaying in Cornwall this year why not invest in a traditional Cornish smock? They are ideal for throwing on as an over garment for long walks along the beautiful Cornish coast. We have a range of Cornish Newlyn Smocks in two types of fabric. Our Corduroy Cornish Newlyn Smocks are extremely durable and heard wearing, perfect to protect you from the elements! They are made from 100% cotton corduroy and come in a range of colours. We also have some Cornish Cotton Smocks made from 100% cotton twill and brushed cotton. This makes them slightly less weighty than the corduroy smocks, however still just as durable.

Cornish smocks are traditionally made rather generous in size as they are designed as an over garment. So do check the measurements before ordering in order to avoid disappointment!